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SCR from EUPEC INC Page 1 of 18
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1. Part #: A358S10TDF
Description: SCR 800A 1000V TQ=15 FAST ASYMETRIC

2. Part #: A438SS10TAC
Description: SCR, ASYMMETRIC, 900A, 1000V, 8MS, 500 DV/DT

3. Part #: A518S11TBF
Description: SCR 1500A 1100V TQ=10 A

4. Part #: T1039N18TOF
Description: SCR 1039A 1800V TO75/26

5. Part #: T1039N20TOF
Description: SCR 1039A 2000V TO75/26

6. Part #: T1039N22TOF
Description: SCR 1039A 2200V TO75/26

7. Part #: T1049N12TOF
Description: SCR 1050A 1200V TO75/26

8. Part #: T1049N14TOF
Description: SCR 1050A 1400V TO75/26

9. Part #: T1049N16TOF
Description: SCR 1050A 1600V TO75/26

10. Part #: T1049N18TOF
Description: SCR 1050A 1800V TO75/26

11. Part #: T1050N22TOF
Description: SCR, TO-200AD, 2200V, 1050A

12. Part #: T1052S12TCB
Description: SCR, TO-200AD, 1200V, 2200A, TQ=12

13. Part #: T1052S12TDB
Description: SCR, TO-200AD, 1200V, 2200A, TQ=15

14. Part #: T1052S12TFB
Description: SCR

15. Part #: T1078F04TDC
Description: SCR

16. Part #: T1078N02TOF
Description: SCR 1078A 200V TO50/14

17. Part #: T1078N04TOF
Description: SCR 1078A 400V TO50/14

18. Part #: T1078N06TOF
Description: SCR 1078A 600V TO50/14

19. Part #: T1081N60TOH
Description: SCR 1300A 6000V TO150/40

20. Part #: T1081N70TOH
Description: SCR 1300A 7000V TO150/40