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SCR from NTE ELECTRONICS Page 1 of 9
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1. Part #: NTE230
Description: SCR, TO-66, 700V, 5.5A

2. Part #: NTE231
Description: SCR

3. Part #: NTE276
Description: SCR

4. Part #: NTE308P
Description: SCR

5. Part #: NTE310
Description: SCR

6. Part #: NTE310P
Description: SCR

7. Part #: NTE314
Description: SCR, TO-3, 400V, 8A

8. Part #: NTE5351
Description: SCR, TO-66, 600V, 5A, TQ=2.9(TYP)

9. Part #: NTE5360
Description: SCR, TO-48, 600V, 35A, TQ=10

10. Part #: NTE5368
Description: SCR, TO-83, 600V, 125A, TQ=10

11. Part #: NTE5369
Description: SCR, TO-83, 1200V, 125A, TQ=10

12. Part #: NTE5371
Description: SCR, TO-94, 600V, 125A, TQ=10

13. Part #: NTE5372
Description: SCR, TO-94, 1200V, 125A, TQ=10

14. Part #: NTE5374
Description: SCR, TO-93, 600V, 275A, TQ=10

15. Part #: NTE5375
Description: SCR, TO-93, 1200V, 275A, TQ=10

16. Part #: NTE5377
Description: SCR

17. Part #: NTE5378
Description: SCR

18. Part #: NTE5380
Description: SCR

19. Part #: NTE5381
Description: SCR

20. Part #: NTE5386
Description: SCR